Monthly Archives: May 2015

May 26, 2015


  1. Continue Two-Voice Poem (due Thursday)
  2. Find Portrait and Citation (upload to Pages)
  3. Find Artifacts and Citation (upload to Pages)
  4. Type Poem in Pages
  5. Portfolio Check-In


1. Poem for Two Voices due Thursday, May 28th


May 14, 2015


Literature Circle Meeting #4:

  1. Discussion leader leads discussion (5 min)
  2. Each person shares their role sheet (10 min)
  3. Fill out Conversational Roundtable (10 min)
  4. Turn in role sheets
  5. Turn in Dialectical Journal Entries #1-20
  6. Test tomorrow on book


1. Turn in Civil War Novel tomorrow

2. Take Civil War Novel AR Test tomorrow

May 11, 2015


1. 8 Parts Grammar Practice

2. Poems in Two Voices Readings

3. Start Poem in Two Voices w/Partner based on Civil War Novel


1. Read Civil War Novel and Complete Dialectical Journals #16-20 plus Literature Circle Role Sheet (due Thursday, May 14th)