Monthly Archives: February 2015

February 24, 2015

1. Submit Editorial Topic on this form
2. Check Pre-Writing
3. Begin Writing Rough Draft

1. Finish Rough Draft


February 10, 2015


  1. Finalize FFA Report:
  2. Share Report with Group Members
  3. Give Feedback
  4. Copy & Paste Reports into a Pages Document
  5. Prepare for Academic Panel Discussion
  6. Share Report w/Miss Moore by end of period!!
  7. Reminder: Make sure all reports include evidence & parenthetical citations


1. 30 Second Speech and 3 Report ?s due Friday, 2/13 for Academic Panel

February 5, 2015


1. Sit in FFA Groups

2. Continue FFA Report:

-Type Rough Draft in Jupiter Grades

-Share with Group Members

-Give Feedback

-Goal for Day: Complete a Typed Rough Draft that includes evidence and parenthetical citations


1. FFA Test Tomorrow

2. Continue FFA Report: Your individual report must be complete in Jupiter Grades by Tuesday morning and ready to copy and paste into your group’s Pages document