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Winter Break Extra Credit Essay

Write a narrative essay that tells of your own Ghosts of Past, Present and Future. What events would the Ghosts show you? What would you learn from these visitors/visions? How would you change based on these visits? Refer to your 6+1 writing traits rubric to see how you will be graded on word choice, voice, conventions, and presentation. Due on January 5th, 2015 and worth TEST points. Click to download rubric.


December 16, 2014


1. Collect Movie Permission Slip

2. Collect all Vocabulary and Questions for “A Christmas Carol”

3. Take “A Christmas Carol” Test


1. Parent Signature on Movie Permission Slip

December 15, 2014


1. Pass out “A Christmas Carol” Movie Permission Slip

2. Review for Quiz

3. Scrooge’s Twitter Account – Before/After

4. Study Vocabulary on Quizlet


1: Study for “A Christmas Carol” Test

2. Turn in all vocabulary and questions tomorrow

3. Parent Signature on permission slip