September 30, 2014


1. What I Am List (List 10 words or short phrases that describe you or tell who you “are.” Lists can include character traits and role descriptions. When the list is complete, eliminate the least descriptive one by one until only the three most descriptive are left.  Then select the most descriptive of the three.  Next, write a paragraph in which you must explain why you are NOT what you just said that you are.)

2. What I Am Not List (This is the revers of the “What I Am” list. List 10 descriptions which you reject. When you are finished, follow the same procedure of elimination, cutting phrases that are least objectionable first, so that the final three descriptions are the ones that you reject most strongly.  Select the one description that is the most “not you.” Finally, write a paragraph explaining why you ARE what you just insisted that you are not.)

3. Continue reading novel and working on dialectical journals


1. Dialectical Journals Entries #1-5 and Literature Circle Role Sheet are due tomorrow


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