August 27th, 2014


1. Meet in small groups based on personality test

2. First Trimester Writing Laws

3. Writing Laws Graphic Organizer


1. Finish Writing Laws Graphic Organizer

2. Comment on this blog post!  


61 thoughts on “August 27th, 2014

  1. Here is my comment: Did you know that translating English to German uses 30% more syllables? That’s why you have to speak slowly when you are being simultaneously translated in business meetings!

  2. Hello there Miss. Moore I am having tea with a superhero named Llama Man. Sorry just had to post something. In case you have not figured it out it is me Carl.

  3. thank you for that wonderful post. My first day was the best out of all the schools I have ever been to. I got a very big welcome from every body.

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