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August 29, 2014


1. Share Writing Laws Paragraph in table groups

2. Collect Writing Laws Paragraph

3. Finish Parts of Speech Review (using “Insult or Honor?” article)

4. 10 Questions That Will Free Your Mind Paragraph (10×10 paragraph)



1. Finish 10×10 Paragraph if needed

2. Bring an SSR book 


Summer Assignment

Please remember that your summer assignment is due on August 26th, which is the first day of school. There are two parts to the summer assignment: the autobiographical narrative and the jackdaw poster. Please click on the link to download the summer assignment in its entirety. Summer Assignment Here are some more instructions for how to complete the jackdaw poster:

Literary Elements of the Jackdaw Poster

*An artifact can be a picture, an illustration, a word, a phrase, or a quote. Use Google Images, magazines, newspapers, computer word art, and your own illustrations to create your artifacts. The label should be clearly written or typed and placed next to the artifact. Remember — the artifact is a representation of the following literary elements found in your book. Use this outline to give you some ideas as you collect your artifacts.

Setting (time and place)

List some details from the book that describe the historical period. What kind of artifact would be a good example for this time period or event?


Does the book identify real historical figures whose names you recognize? Explain the characters’ involvement in the historical setting/events on your label.

Plot (story line)

Does the plot focus on a specific historical incident? Is there a picture or word that illustrates that event?

Theme (makes a statement about or expresses an opinion on the topic)

An author expresses themes in different ways. How does the author make you feel? How does the author share the feelings of the main character? Themes are presented in thoughts and conversations – is there a thought or statement that is repeated throughout the book? What does the main character learn in the book? What kind of artifact represents the theme? Is it an object, a word, a phrase?

Literary Devices

For the jackdaw, identify significant literary devices such as metaphor, simile, symbolism, dialect, and irony. For example – if the setting of the book were the 1700s – would the dialect, a particular form of a language, be the same as today’s dialect? (Think about it – would they say “dude” like we do today – if not, what did they say?)